I am a 21-year-old student and a full stack developer

Hello, I am Aljaž.

I am playing around with web development since mid-2015, but got seriously into it in August, 2017. Since then I progressed from simple bootstrap websites to fully responsive web applications and full-stack systems.
Working with NodeJS, Python, HTML-JS-CSS, SQL, NoSQL and multiple frameworks such as VueJS, VuetifyJS, Socket.io and others.
In my free time I develop web applications with preferred technology stack which includes VueJS for frontend, NodeJS for backend, Docker for dev and K8S for prod environments, Python for random scripts and GitLab for source control and CI/CD.

Self-host everything - reject stateful, embrace stateless applications.

Server management and systems administration is also one of my big passions ever since 2017, when I got my first server.
Familiar with Ansible, operating system of choice is - of all them distros - Arch Linux.
Co-founder of  Webonize.net.

Special domains I am proud of owning

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