I am a 18-year-old student and a full stack developer

Hello, I am Aljaž.

I am playing around with web development since mid-2015, but got seriously into it in August, 2017. Since then I progressed from simple bootstrap websites to fully responsive web applications and full-stack systems.

I can work with Node, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, NoSQL and multiple frameworks such as VueJs, Vuetify, Bootstrap, MaterializeCss, Material.io.
I also self-manage servers since 2014, when I got my first server.

I am currently learning VueJS' ecosystem which includes VueJs, VueX and VueRouter and developing single-page web applications using Vuetify, ExpressJs and live sockets using the Socket.io framework, everything based on the latest web technologies and standards.

I am also the co-founder of Webonize.net.

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